Malaysia's automotive market overview

Driven by EV development, technological advancement and industrial transformation, players along the automotive value chain are experiencing changes in both business and daily life. In Malaysia, AI is also shaping the transport sector’s self-driving cars, logistics management, safety, fuel efficiency and traffic congestion.

Overall, the country has one of the highest vehicle ownership rates in Asia with 551 automobile units per 1,000 people and 481 motorcycle units per 1,000 people. The results indicate more vehicles on Malaysia’s roads than the country’s population. Stepping up EV adoption, the Malaysian Government will ensure that cars are available to all income groups through financial assistance. Plans have also been introduced to ramp up the expansion of charging infrastructure with 10,000 ports covering the peninsular and East Malaysia. Likewise, the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry of Malaysia aims to enrich the development of domestically-made EVs through a number of policies.

The Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint continues to underpin digital transformation across Malaysia. It supports the country’s position as a regional pioneer in the digital economy, in addition to its progression as a high-income nation. From this, Industry4WRD is powering the manufacturing sector and connected services by the integration of people, processes and technology.

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is leading this initiative by working with companies to optimise Industry 4.0.

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